Loft Apartments VS. Standard Apartments: Which Is Best For You?


For those individuals desiring a carefree living situation where immovable walls and preset rooms do not define their space, a loft apartment might be the right choice. In general, traditional apartments have definitive rooms that are constructed and separated by floor to ceiling walls. These rooms are accessible through doorways with or without door. For these apartments, the square footage varies upon the number of rooms, such as a one bedroom apartment or a two bedroom apartment. Most tenants don’t realize it, but bathrooms are separate and not considered part of the overall square footage.

However, loft apartments feature one grand space with an average of 1,000 to 2,000 square feet. Loft apartments also feature high ceilings with matching windows. New York Loft apartments may be credited to the Soho district of New York state. Because of manufacturing buildings that couldn’t support modern technology and its ideas, the building owners pf the 1950’s ran the risk of losing everything if their enormous buildings remained unoccupied. Loft apartments began to be leased out to artists struggling to get by, as they were small and cheap, and not necessary “pretty”. These artists installed a series of pulleys and trap doors in order to hide any domicile items of the resident when a nosey landlord or management would come around for inspections, as at that time it was slightly illegal to reside in such a building.

Despite the fact that loft apartments originated from old manufacturing or warehouse buildings, today they are in great demand, and contractors are now creating these types of apartments from the ground up. These newly constructed reproductions are referred to as “hybrids”.

As always, both traditional and loft styled apartments come in all shapes and sizes, including many different types of attributes, such as with or without fireplaces. Things that both styles of apartments may feature include video entry, in house fitness centers, and even pools.

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