Solid Surface Countertops


Want to improve your home style? Countertop is one way to add value to your home. One of the best countertops that have been in market since 25 years is solid surface countertops. While many countertop trends don’t exist for long, existence of solid surface for so many years is a milestone.

What’s the use of having a solid surface countertop? You may argue that you can go with wood or butcher materials. But the problem with these is porous nature. There are other popular options like marble or granite. These are comparatively expensive and may be damaged with the use of hot pans.

So, solid surface countertops are one having great features like non porous nature that keeps away bacteria, strong unlike laminate and scratch free (one of the greatest uses). Interestingly, you can choose your desired solid surface as it is available in a wide range of designs supported by a variety of colors. Some of the popular brands that manufacture high quality solid surface counterparts include Corian, Mystera, Silestone, Staron, Avonite, Earthstone, Shirestone and Gibralter.

One of the disadvantages of these solid surfaces is they are hard to do it yourself. So hire a good home remodeler, add a solid surface counterpart and add value to your home.

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